I have over twenty years of playing and gigging experience and have been teaching since 2001.

I started learning the guitar at primary school and went on to private lessons where I was taught music theory and exposed to a lot of blues music. I attended Saint Benedict secondary school which specializes in drama and performing arts. This introduced me to a lot of students learning various instruments and encouraged me to perform at school concerts. I started forming my first bands and gigging at The Fishpond in Matlock and playing in Blues covers band by the late 90’s. Towards the end of my school years I had become a more accomplished guitarist and starting receiving music technology tuition at AS level standard. After leaving school I studied a short course in music technology based in Nottingham.

I decided to teach guitar after some experience with helping friends play. At the same time I worked at Meadow Farm Recording Studio where I gained technical experience as well as working with other musicians in various styles and learning to trust my musical judgement.

I later moved to Leeds to study Multimedia Technology. During that time I formed a band with the musician Alex Bowen. Over the next few years we developed the band and gigged around the country supporting various up and coming musicians/bands.

I joined a Samba drumming group in 2009 called Calidoscopio. This has developed my knowledge in a different field of music and continues to reinforce my ability in playing rhythms unusual to the western ear. I have been trained as a Bateria leader and help with the running of sessions and deliver workshops in schools when needed. In 2013 I took over the role of musical director for the Derby based Samba band that has gone on to support local events within the community and deliver workshops to schools and at universities.

In 2014 I went to Brazil under the direction of JP Courtney to play and perform in well established musical venues in Rio de Janeiro playing with well known musicians such as Monobloco. Through the drumming community I continue to study percussion and rhythm through taking part and attending workshops available.

Further developments also include studying at the Round House for a PTLLS certificate to gain more experience and qualifications to help branch into schools.

Other experience includes working for the School Of Rock And Pop delivering Rock and Pop based band workshops to primary and secondary schools across the Midlands. This involved working with children between the ages of 11 and 15 in their own band where we would learn songs, skills and technique in working and performing as a band. Moving to Birmingham gained me further experience in teaching the ukulele and guitar for The Strings Club who specialise in delivering high quality music tuition to children between 4 and 12.

Current band projects are playing guitar in the Nottingham based group Torn Sail fronted by Huw Costin, percussion in Birmingham samba band Bloco Louco and working on various samba projects for the Derby Carnival drummers Calidoscopio.


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