Gigs and Performances

I play guitar for Birmingham based band the Bonfire Radicals. Check out their website for more information.

Also with Jack Goodall and the Kick. Occasionally for Nottingham based band Torn Sail.

I direct the Derby samba carnival band Calidoscopio based in Derby and the East Midlands. Available for bookings.

27th September – Kings Heath, Birmingham for Abbey Road Resurfaced.
20th October 2019 – The Station, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Playing with Jack Goodall and D Jekyll & Glast Dance Event info
27th October 2019 – Nottingham Hockley Hustle with CAN Samba.
9th November 2019 – Nottingham. Reclaim the Night. Event info
29th November 2019 – Shropshire with Bonfire Radicals.
1st December 2019 – Running Horse, Nottingham with Torn Sail. Event info
19th December 2019 – Platform at the Station with Jack Goodall. Event info
17th January 2020 – Holloway, Derbyshire with Bonfire Radicals.
18th January 2020 – Bedworth, Warwickshire with Bonfire Radicals.
22nd January 2020 – The Shed, Shrewsbury with Jack Goodall.
25th January 2020 – Tutbury, Staffordshire with Calidoscopio.
14th March 2020 – Centrala, Birmingham, Jack Goodall.
21st March 2020 – South Kesteven, Lincolnshire with Bonfire Radicals.
4th April 2020 – Station, Kings Heath with Jack Goodall.
29th April 2020 – Kings Heath, Birmingham with Bonfire Radicals.
14th May 2020 – The Robin, Jack Goodall.
22nd May 2020 – Gloucester Festival, Bonfire Radicals.
25th May 2020 – Wirksworth, Derbyshire with Calidoscopio.
29th May 2020 – Rugby, Warwickshire with Bonfire Radicals.
27th June 2020 – Leigh Festival, Bonfire Radicals.
29th August 2020 – Jack Goodall.
30th August 2020 – Birmingham, Jack Goodall.
11th October 2020 – Calne Music and Arts, Bonfire Radicals.

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